There are MANY Krosschell's on These Services:
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    Other popular Kro(e)s(s)chel(l) Website's are here:

Chads Blog - (Home Creations)                           Kroeschell Engineering (est. 1879)
Jonathans (Personal Webpage)                            Kel Krosschell (2 cent Sled Kite's)
Ben Krosschell - Mad Friars (Scout)
Jeff Krosschell (Meteorite Central)
Steve Kroschel - (Kroschel Films)
Brian Krosschell - (Personal Homepage)
James Kroschel - (Kroschel Digital)                                                                                                 
Matt Kroschel - (Twitter)
Jacqueline Kroschell - (Singer)
Justin Krosschell - (Fine Artist)
Rocky Krosschell (MySpace)
Nate Krosschell - (Basketball)
David Krosschell - (Trombonist/Educator)

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